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Wednesday, 27 April 2016



'Didi what will happen!' Minati stared at me with horror struck eyes, tension writ large on her face.

I of course did not have any idea what will happen but continued to stare at her with sympathy.

' How could she!'  Minati's expression was a quick shade of anger before changing to horror and frustration.

I was tampering with my cell phone out of habit. Checking update status of friends, browsing their pics. Not sure how to respond to my domstic help's predicament, her much younger fifteen year old sibling has eloped with a boy from her village! Two days of extensive search hadn't yeilded any results and going to police was the option
left now. The boy was the brother of her younger brother's wife who had been staying at their village house promising to help them with some plumbing.

'Look at me didi....i have been staying alone for so many years... and look at her'

Indeed abandoned by husband, Minati had to walk out of the void relation and learn to survive on her own. I had wondered often how was her lone walk and why she didn't settle down again. She was young, attractive.... yet...

' Why your sis had to  elope Minati.... perhaps all would have agreed for a wedding'

'Don't know didi' Minati sighed.

The air on my house was heavy with the tension and the repeated calls from her home. It piqued me at times but the thought of the young naive girl exploited by some rogue, police and the condition of the hapless family and  the life of the girl which was in a way ruined...school, studies all gone for a toss. I heard her plight whenever i was free enough, her father had tried to file a case in the police station and the boy's family had given word to bring back the couple on the run to save arrest of the boy for kidnapping a minor.

A few days later she had informed me her sister had returned home. The couple was brought to police station after few thrashes and warnings they let go of the boy
and Minati's father withdrew the case and got his daughter home.

'The end to her school then....' I had asked.

' What else didi...who would take the chance...if she runs off again'

That was the end to the girl's school, being youngest of all the siblings Minati and often me sent her goodies and ensured her studies went smooth. Indeed it went damn smooth...how fool girls can be!! Did she believe that the plumber was the key to her happiness, was worth giving up family and school for!! These girls were a pack of fools eloping with a man gave the forbidden pleasure! I was filled with disgust or may be the older boy misleaded her, painted rosy dreams around her... who knows.

All seemed normal in Minati's life after some days. It seemed they had managed to keep the episode hush hush and the girl was back in her family without much drama.They had to take off her bangles forcibly, bangles of her so called wedding and the girl was kept busy with household chores.

It was a year i think when i could feel the tension in my house once again and the flurry of phone calls . Minati kept mum and i tried not to pay heed...let her speak when she is comfortable.

It came after a day or two.

'Didi what to hide from you' Minati looked crestfallen. ' She... the wretch had eloped again'

' What!!' I was shocked. ' With that boy only na'

Minati did not reply. Her silence confirmed the doubt i had.

' My god Minati!!!! With someone else you mean.'

I think they had rescued the girl again with all the means they had, thrashed and slapped her and Minati did not mention but gossips had it they had to take the girl to some local clinic to get off the life forming inside her.

Minati blasted her sometimes when i asked about her little sister. Fallen, loose girl was the verdict.

' Look at me didi, i did not look at any other men'

Sometimes i would smile ' Why didn't you Minati'

Someone has given the verdict she was a righteous woman and here she was happily paying the price.

' Are you crazy didi!!'