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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

English Breakfast

The buffet spread was lavish as expected in a hotel of this stature. Pari was particular about her porridge and bowl of fruits.

During  their initial vacations Prakash would go anxious ' Eat Pari... look at the spread...the chef is churning delicious cheese omlette'

' Ok will have egg whites if you insist!'

It didn't take long for Prakash to understand the beautiful girl he was betrothed to somehow survived on all sorts of low cal foods available in market and indulged herself once in a while when she allows herself half spoon of butter for her rotis!!

Prakash had assembled in his plate croissants, cheese omelette, sausages, bacon and eggs.... a good filling breakfast gave him a boost, a fulfilment  and the zeal to think of going low on foods again.He savoured the bites with a warm cup of coffee. He knew Pari didn't like his going overboard with food as he was clueless how someone could survive on food as less as this!! Yes of course there was a mid way and they were working their way on or around it.

Fed on a staple vegetarian diet of four roti s laden with ghee, dal , sabji curd as long as he was at home Prakash had not much idea of English breakfast nor of diet foods or specialty restaurants. Samaosa jalebis at Shambhu's shop around the corner was the most popular outside food joint he knew of. He was not able to have much fun during his college days unlike his friends... finances, money, academics kept him on his toes.

Only when he was selected for this decent job after interview, his life began to take a new turn. He saw the city and the things that he hasn't seen before. He was in Kolkata for training, dazzled by the city .For the first time Prakash was enjoying without the pressure of exam looming large on his back with his fellow trainees. And there he had met Katha first. Some years his senior in age and designation... friendly and warm. It's not that he had not interacted with women earlier but with a job under your sleeve some confidence in making ,things were different now. And the seniority turned as a super excuse to chat freely, roam, laugh and eat. That was when Prakash discovered he was not as awkward as he believed himself to be in fact he was quite articulate and witty and within few days Katha and him got along very well.

The charming attractive Katha took pleasure blessing him with her special attention. Prakash could not find the courage to call her though he knew all the vibes said he had to... It was Katha who had called him first.

Let us go to Flury's for breakfast tomorrow.

It was happening. Breakfast at Flury's. Prakash contained his excitement and foraying his charming self walked in with Katha to Flury's.

Prakash remembered the interior, the waiter... the dishes she ordered all so well. He remembered her  transluscent eyes and her mouth curving in delight as she nibbled at the sausages.

' I love english breakfast' She had smiled at him.

And he was loving everything her smile, her chewing, her sipping coffee... pausing in between to talk to him. And food was the last thing he thought of. At her insistence he tried to eat, made a mess with the fork and food ,turned red as she laughed. And finally ate.

That technically was the first date in his life. And no it didn't end with a kiss!! They went out almost everyday. Prakash knew gradually her spouse worked for a good foreign company and her four year old daughter missed her very much.

When he had met Pari, at a meeting arranged by the families and then during subsequent dating he was a different Prakash suave, smart, confident and a charmer. Pari like her name was literally a fairy and Prakash was swept away by her wand. They made a happening couple and Prakash did not miss any chance to show off his wife.

That was the secret may be... Prakash stole a glance at the eating Pari. Cereals, fruits, boiled veggies and here she was a perfect ten, silky hair and all creamy texture. Prakash concentrated on his food as the images of his first English breakfast transited through his mind in a quick flash and a husky warm smile and translucent eyes lingered on his heart.

' Come on lets go. For God's sake stop now' Pari's exasperated voice broke the trance.

Hurriedly he gobbled up the left over omelette and rose after her.