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Friday, 1 April 2016

A trip back to wonder years

One thousand and forty five messages!!!
Shikha sneaked into the blanket curling up for a nice read, her exhausted eyes blinking with excitement. Scroll is the word , rummaging through the flurry of words, her eyes lit with amusement... school days were back, a journey down through two decades. Messages kept pouring in, a classroom had assembled after so many years,lots of catching up to do, lots of fun to be made, lots of nonsensical babbling and in between bits of sensible talk. Shikha couldn't help typing her punch lines and waited for the others to respond. She was sleepy, back from work but the smart phone and the latest magic to catch her... Whats App chats and her old school group. Someone took the tedious task of collecting the numbers and form one group and since the day the group was born... messages poured in from all corners of the country and also from some parts of the world, hilarious chats, somehow the ego thing was missing... the toppers and backbenchers and the mediocre,s, the extroverts and the shy ones, the populars and the nobody,s all were speaking their hearts out.

A two decade old classroom, the crushes and infatuations buried in time raised their heads...with lots of giggles laughter... old flames..?? Shikha was giggling alone at the comments... could it be true  Vivek liked Rashmi...even if he did does he mean that after twenty three years...the undercurrents were strong. They were going crazy all of them living in a virtual world... Shikha drifted off to sleep, phone slipping out of her palm.

The flurry of messages continued. Music, food, software, old times... crushes, lost love  and sometimes the differences surfaced. Shikha tried to keep pace with all of it like most of the others, didn't want to miss out on the fun as she did may be in school times shunning herself off with her books and best friends. Posted her latest pics live from any happening place she went... so did many others... real life was harsh, demanding and she struggled to keep pace  with both. The boys seemed well versed matured and fun to talk to!!! That was tough to digest remembering their gawkiness and foolhardiness!!! The girls seemed fun, witty as well...and the new hair cut, the new outfit, the new dish... Shikha loved it all.Why couldn't they bond like this while in school, why so many groups within groups...why the hesitation, ego.... the awkwardness.

The groups formed within this group once again...if one was trying hard to prove one,s worth...other pestered all with spams day and night. Irritation, the ugliness of it all... sorry's and patch ups.. All was not well in the classroom. Shikha backed off slowly, though she kept track of all , the fun quotient ebbing off like everything else as if most of them had this unfinished business with the past to settle ,to prove... though laughter fun and the connection was smooth and abundant so were the factions.

Shikha's mobile didn,t buzz often these days. Nor her inbox overflowed with a thousand messages. the group did exist... some left the group along with their mountainous egos and histrionics...some carried on with lackluster good morning good nights, some like her posted pics when undergone an interesting trip or may be in some festivals (fishing for approval appreciation)...most of them dormant. They tried getting together in different cities,  enjoyed it and then slowly time took its leap... like all Shikha was busy in her life. And on lazy days when she remembered home, her school... a smile escapes her... like  time machine the group chat took her on a ride and she lived more of those hazy pale days two decades back.