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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Few days apart....

Dear Ninni

Of late I've been worrying...worrying a lot...how to leave you...leave you for a while. We have been around many places all these four years but the greatest thing about it was we stuck together... you and me. Now as you are growing up... you have ' friends' at school ( though they change everyday), you are close to your Baba, fond of your Dadu/Titu, love your Pishi and the best part you will have all these people around you. Cliched as it may sound and perhaps you can understand it years later that the nine month bond through all the fluids and veins....the bond is like a cover a mom wraps around herself, a new life one begins to live. Ninni after your birth... like every mother I am so used to having you around me, yes I would pine for breaks... ( read, write, malls ,movies, friends, husband)...but this is just the most normal, natural thing...go to bed with a tiny warm bundle, gradually a  toddler practicing her kicks and get used to it as the skin to your body.

Now that I will be going for approximately two months...and I have been explaining to you the fact since last three months... I don't know how much you realise. I may not be the one who had always been around you since I joined work when you were about five months. But  as I said this bond is nurtured through all the uterus fluids and complicated veins and mothers wear it like a skin... yes the most practical ones as well. Without you I also feel how do i say... skin less...barren. But would you be all right... you would be I know...you have been through many changes in this little life span of yours and you would have all these persons who love you a lot.

Take care Ninni... you know mothers are always near.. like a shield covering you, protecting you, loving you...and I would be only a few hundred kilometres away. I know this explanation is more for myself than for you. Just want you to be happy, feel loved and blessed....and being away from you does not take you away from me...my soul, essence and presence may be not physically but would bind you always ....courtesy the bond we shared for nine months a few years back....

Be happy.... ma will be back soon. Just office training and I am not going for war really.

Yours Ma

P.S. Feel me near you when you wish to kick your legs around at night....and for a few days learn not to utter Ma to itch you at mid night....