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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Happy Birthday....

Dear Ninni

A post about your third birthday..before that let me tell you as all mothers do..three years..a long time and time does fly and see from the tiny bundle the doc got out of me, stands here chatting babbling dancing, a bundle of energy now, a living soul full of life. Babies are born, turn to infant, grow  to toddler, be the child..perhaps the most normal cycle yet each phase is no less than a miracle for the parents. Yes me and your father continue to be dazed fascinated by your antics and share this silent pride at bringing you in this world. Perhaps this phase you can understand when you become a parent yourself, this is like your own creation unfurling slowly in front of your eyes, with each turn a new dimension which leave us flabbergasted.

Sometimes I do try to be practical and know this is so temporary. This joy won,t be ours forever. Soon you will venture out of our world and move into your own. But as long as it lasts.. we are overwhelmed, overjoyed.. Why is it that we would always want the people we love to be just like us, it can,t be and it won,t be. Just hope your father accepts it easily.

You have crossed the three a year mark approximately a month back. I think as a child you are like any other talkative, active, cranky, moody, selfish. I have no idea what sort of person you would grow up to be but it seems at this stage you are friendly, long for company, more or less get along with other children of your age, can strike up conversation at public places and enjoy attention. This is a relief because I fee to a great extent me and your father were shy , loner and confined to our worlds upto a certain age then only we learnt to ' speak'. May be you or hardly any child of your generation with the kind of exposure you get won,t be soft spoken or shy.Another thing, kind of whirlwind life we gave you since your birth, sometimes your father away, sometimes I,m off to night duties leaving the little you to wail all the night, sometimes moving to Allahabad, Kolkata , Barapani you seem to have pretty much adjustable nature. You have accepted people coming and going in your life and only recently the picture got a bit clear when we came back to Delhi that you do have a Baba like Gudia, Shashank and the Mummy Papa picture got framed in your mind when you started going to school .

Apart from babbling too much, imitating Nobita from Doraemon using sentences like ' Baba tum kabhi nahi sudhroge!!!!' or the girlie stuff like ' Mummy bhi naaa' with a wave of hand, I am afraid I do not see any great sparkle in you as of now ( most mothers do) though I thought you were brilliant initially when you showed a inclination for reading books and identified the letters A-Z too soon. But then I learnt through mommy blogs of all the brilliant toddlers around achieving much more in less time so left  it at that. Also your interests are very short lived ( can,t blame you really if you take on your mom ) books, jigsaw puzzles, cartoon shows and from one to ten it has been never an easy ride from eleven onwards and since you were least interested I left it at that as well :) . 

You can throw tantrums at any time you please, yes I know I am not a strict parent. And we are in awe when we go to the market because your tantrums get endless but my money isn,t!!! Specially the last year in Barapani each time we went to Shillong or even the local market.. you would blackmail me like anything and being a single parent I had to give in many times.I handled your ' terrible twos' almost alone. Really tough believe me, specially in public places it gets so embarrassing. Once in a Guwahati Delhi flight you were sitting on the floor and counting the beads of a pink chappal of the elderly lady beside and needless to say the lady wasn,t pleased. In our frequent train travels you would lift the curtains and try to tug at the socks, never sleep at night in trains unless past midnight. Once we were travelling in AC 3 and did not have a lower berth you refused to sleep in the middle berth.. started howling.All elderly persons were there who cannot climb, one lady did try but was about to slip and fall.. you started howling more. Finally following your father,s suggestion I spread a bed sheet in the floor of the train and lulled you to sleep there with me gradually. Yes this is true.. though it brings a smile in my face now. 

One good thing as of now you have learnt Hindi well.. survival technique may be but would you continue speaking Hindi with us..shudder at the thought..we will see as you grow up. Cannot go against time but at least I will try.. so that you learn to speak and read Bangla. But as of now though we speak Bangla, you reply in Hindi and gradually we are moving towards Hindi..child is the father of man..they say!!

This was meant to be your birthday post so coming to that we had a nice time in your birthday. I baked a cake, took leave from office, your father too came early, your pishi made payesh..really sweet. Then the coming weekend we had a party at our Gurgaon home. Though I always  feel we should keep it short but somehow me and your father ended up throwing a good party I must say. Your first two birthdays were spent in Silchar so in a way first in Delhi. We worked hard me and your father.. though your father would object and say that only he worked hard!!! You looked lovely in the red frock I am so in love with, we ordered a Doraemon cake for you, all in all things went well as you can see in the pics. This is the first time you enjoyed singing ' Happy Budday to Youuu'. Food was ok.. and you had a fun time playing with kids.

So dear daughter..this was about your third birthday..two loving parents doting on you, spending your birthday, trying to be with you most of the time..even your pishi cooking for you, I need to mention her, she loves you a lot. So with lots of love and many many best wishes..for the lovely girl you are and in anticipation the beautiful human being you are going to be..

Yours Ma

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kitchen of awadh...( An attempt at food review)

Food and me..me and food... we had been sharing a long bond..grown weaker over times..with age when you cannot indulge in all sort of unhealthy junk at anytime you wish.. when the worry of High BP, cholesterol and above all the perennial weight issue bogs you down. But first love survives..and hence first food blog. 

Being in a land locked island called Barapani for almost a year deprived of ' Outside ' food..but relishing the joys of fresh garden vegetables (donated by neighbours, workers or from the weekly market), some bites at Shillong food joints, Delhi offers myriad options.But when options are many exclusivity diminshes.  Anyway I discovered ' kitchen of awadh' when after a huge face off with husband over not going out for dinner and he convinced me he would order ' good food' at home. Though being the nagging grumbling wife I am went on blasting him as usual. My husband had ordered for a minimal menu..since I would blast him more if the fridge is piled with leftovers.. so it was Chicken Tikka ( Safe bet to order always), Roomali Roti , Murgh Biriyani and Awadh Daal ke Kebab. 

Chicken Tikka was normal stuff.. the colour a bit too eye catching, but then The Awadh daal ke kebab.. I just had opened my mouth before grabbing a bite ' You ordered veg kebabs!!!' ( Nothing can be more criminal).As my teeth sank in and the aroma filled the space.. and we just stared at each other ( I might add this was one of the rarest of rare cases.. as our eyes met and spoke!!). Soft, delicate, the aroma was amazing.. My husband basking in the glory of kebabs declared ' This was my discovery in this year.. in your absence'. Indeed for once without retort I was nodding and savouring the amazing kebabs.

The real surprise of the pack was ' Murgh Biriyani' sealed in an earthen pot.. being Miss Know- it -all I began explaining my maid.. ' this pot is only for packing.. they don,t cook it here' . But the after the ordeal  of unsealing the pot..the first  whiff completely numbed our senses... Biriyani was way above the normal stuff we have without being overly spicy or laden with ghee, the pure joy of Dum Biriyani wherein the aroma of the earthen pot mingled with the rice and chicken.. aah sure bliss...the door to a different world..

A great discovery by my husband.. I have to admit .. and just waiting for the next day we would order again hoping to be immersed  in the senses, elevated to an aroma world and relish the tickling of the taste buds. And yes the price was not exorbitant.. these four items cost near seven hundred, quantity was generous, food was delivered in reasonable time, hot and very well packed.. should be a delight for Mughlai food lovers.

P.S. they have delivery at South Ex, Defence Colony, Golf Link, Jor Bagh, Niti Bagh, Hauz Khas Gautam Nagar etc in Delhi and closed on Tuesday.. So Happy Eating...