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Monday, 4 April 2016


Neha fiddled with her food, nibbling at it, gulping her smiles lest it would fetch a yell from her mom. She replayed the scene inside her head yet once again.

The clue was clear. He had meant it... each word of the song.... each word breathed love. Could it be her... of all the girls in school.... could it be really her...

She had scanned her phone.... it never rang with the number she dreamed of, nor beeped with any message she yearned for. Did she misread the clue... those intoxicating eyes which probed hers, played with her heart as he sang in their class.

Years later she met Paras again and this time the phone swung with the calls, swayed with the texts and they dated almost all weekends.

Only when he plucked his guitar strings and hummed in his baritone voice she listened with all her friends, enjoying her drinks, savouring his stares... she didn,t look for a clue any more and she knew there wasn,t one. Nice man though he was , attractive and who knows if he pops up the question she might just agree, too much of this freedom stuff... she would,t mind settling down.

She could have asked him about the clue, in fact she had laughed about it with him as he had stared in disbelief. There was no clue then !!! The song... her favourite song and each word... she had cooked it all up. Not that it mattered, if she looked for no more clues they might just end up a happy couple.

Neha dressed her best in the next date and tried to promise herself she would look for no clues. Just fine if he does not pop up the question today before he catches a flight tomorrow morning for a new project. It would be fine she knew.