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Friday, 22 April 2016


Not a scrapbook exactly,  a songbook of sort. 

In her beautiful writing Surabhi had scribbled lyrics of  songs.We used to hum, stealing some moments in school ..Assamese, Hindi and well.. one in English as well!! No CD,s , audio cassettes, all copied from the umpteenth broadcasts in radio.The Trio...Surabhi, Luna and Me,that,s what some called us in school.  Long forgotten zealously guarded  Surabhi,s 'friendship' scrapbook ( with Leander Paez cover)  in some sentimental farewell  moment presented to me was recovered from the old book rack in attic.

Days of school began breathing through the stale yellow pages, long lost friendship outweighed by husband, kids, career stirred from long slumber, struggling to make her existence felt murmuring through perched throat...

Are you two listening...