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Saturday, 2 April 2016


Her eyes wandered far off the blind covered window... pale sky stretching in the horizon. She seeped the bland tea dipping the Marie biscuits  halfheartedly.

' All set ' a broad smile lit Aran,s eyes. ' I am going to love this trek.'

Looking at her pale wide eyes Aran tried to cheer her up ' Gran.. did u... i mean do u like to travel?'

' Wait i think i remember Brat told me you loved to explore hills with your old man' Aran chipped in ' Hills are like that... once it gets to you... you have to see it all.'

Is that why I left home... for my first job. The hills, meadows, pines what drew me there....

Aran,s smartphone broke the spell ' Yes babes'  he moved away with a chuckle in his voice.

It was a heart attack. Shreya my daughter flew in and here i was in this hospital suite. Only i could not remember how many days i have been here. Shreya left after lots of tears to the point i was exasperated. Aran my grandson,s friend came to visit me quite often. Am i losing it all...was it a delirium...

I have to work Baba... they will pay me good. At least better.
But why there... you can work here.
I am not getting anything here and besides it,s near by... every weekend i can be home.

The day before i went for interview... Pishi (aunt)  will you go to Barapani with me
What  for???
I want to appear for an interview... for Physics teacher.
Are you crazy!!!
Let us go na... we will enjoy.

A bright sunny day me, Pishi and my younger brother sat in a Shillong bound bus. It took us quite some time to locate the school after some fiddling to and fro in various vehicles. We had lunch in a local, literary local joint before catching a vehicle for Guwahati.

You are never going to join a job in this god forsaken place.

I had laughed as i heard Pishi,s irritated command.

I did join... was i looking to get away from all... my messed up affair. Who knows but the bohemian me packed up her bag and one fine day waved good bye to her father and uncle as they stood watching their little girl turned woman brushing off her tears as she marched off to join her new job. 

It wasn,t  a  great job at all and with no future, a contract for one year. 

Was that where i tasted the hills, breathed in the pines and fanned the bohemian in me....

Must be because of my messed up love life... but the lure of the hills , breeze in the meadows, serenity of the lake...

' Yeah yeah babes... a matter of  few days.. why don,t you join me'
Aran,s voice flew in from distance.

Aran i love the hills, the pines, deodars  and the sea too... and i love music and my old man..
Aran are you listening...
I don,t like this pale room... I just don,t like
Could you tell Shreya to take me away...
I am fine now.
Aran are you listening...
The hills... Aran keep the phone damn it.

He would listen. I know he would.