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Thursday, 14 April 2016


She could hear them screaming, yelling, all cuss words filling in the room along with giggles and squeals of laughter. All snacks served, glasses refilled Aarti was helping her domestic help tidy up the kitchen as Revati  was babbling continuously.... these kids boudi...my Angshu Ria...both had parties last week.

The girl i could see at least... but the boy boudi...he is the master of all!!

Revati rubbed the glasses vehemently, Aarti thought of reminding her to go gentle as another squeal caught their attention. 

'Have you seen the girls boudi... could we ever imagine....'

We... Aarti smiled to herself there was no We, she and Revati was no we actually but Aarti refrained from remark as if she could make any. Nia,s voice distracted them once again.

'Ashlesh da is smart.'   Revati gave a wide smile. ' Don't you like him boudi'

Aarti could not think of what to say, 'Aaah Revati.'

'Remember when you brought Nia first in this house...'    Aarti knew Revati was in her flashback mode. She kept listening to Revati,s blabber halfheartedly smiling in between at anything Revati mentioned that she could recollect. Aarti knew she and Revati shared this bond of raising Nia almost together and while Varun her husband was away in long tours it was Revati who was her pillar. Now Nia  was in her room with her herd of friends, Ashlesh being one of them whom Revati has chosen for Nia!!Would she settle down... Nia was too young and has a lot to see in life yet. Aarti was in no hurry at all, rather Varun,s  continuous imploring... What,s she making of her life had her a bit worried. Though she knew Nia was smart enough to take care of her life.

' Here hold the cup'  Revati handed her the cup.... Aarti nodded with pleasure as she took the cup. This woman knew her so well, endless times they spent with Nia when she was not well, when she first went to school, her first birthday, endless cups of tea they had together over so many years. They had watched Nia grow, change her boyfriends, save her from Varun though he was the one who pampered the most at times.

Nia wanted to move out. She had already chosen an apartment. Aarti could not bring herself to share this with anyone.  Would Ashlesh move in as well... she dreaded about breaking the news to Varun , let Nia do it herself. She wanted to tell Revati sometimes badly, she stared at the dark face with all the marks of wisdom scattered everywhere.

' You will give me a Benarasi at Nia's wedding'  

' Uuuff    Revati!!!!'    Aarti nodded in exasperation.

' Of course boudi you have to.'   Her eyes shone as she sipped her tea.

' Revati Masi please refill some chicken pop corns .' Nia's voice came from the corner.

' Yes a minute' Revati finished her tea and began to rush to kitchen.

'  Ask your dear Nia to get you the Benarasi.'  Aarti quipped, long days of frustration and loneliness without Nia loomed large,and the question and answers from all... she didn,t know what to do!

' Don't worry boudi Nia had already promised me a gold chain at her wedding'  Revati smiled shyly.

I stared wide eyed.... ' Did she...'

' She had locked her word with me. She won,t go back like you'  The wide smile continued and Revati was inside the kitchen humming some latest popular number Aarti hated.