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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Weekend getaway from Delhi...choices are many. This one was very short and close by but a real getaway from the city to nature. No we didn,t spot tigers..content only with the pug marks but then i wasn,t expecting much given that there are only eight tonine tigers in the entire jungle.

We stayed in Gulmohar Resorts around twenty kilometres from the forest, not much recommendable but suited us economically, food was a pure let down... buffet dinner,  breakfast all were just edible and nothing to savour. What i loved about the resort was the Amla ( should be Indian Gooseberry) gardens which were in full bloom at the backyard.

                                                                           Indian Flycatcher

We took the morning safari, quite disorganized affair in the morning and the sad part all non enthusiast guides who for the most part would drive in a manner that one would simply stop enjoying and wait for this horrific experience to end.


The guide somehow told us that it was a bird which migrates from Karachi.. name we could not make out.

                                                             Most probably Sandpiper

Intermediate Egret

This pic i really loved.... Comb ducks

                                                                    Rufous Treepie

Brahmi Mynas

Flameback Woodbecker...

Common Magpie Robin

At work...

There was this eerie moment when a peacock was letting out a cry which surely meant something.. something dreadful was going to happen.. all the langurs jumped up to the top branch of the trees and this uncanny silence broken by the peacock,s cries. Some tiger footprints were near by... a real eerie momemt and my daughter still gets scared by the sound of peacock.

                              They seemed so relaxed... just family time after breakfast.....              

The Marks...

                                                                      GPS to trace tigers

Magpie Robin

                An aww  moment... and his effortless movements... my heart skipped a beat

Pandu Pol... the temple in the jungle...Hanumanji was supposed to spread his tail here which Bheem could not lift...

The most interesting part... in the shop near the temple they serve Kadi Kachoris

Kadi Kachori is supposed to be Rajasthan,s speciality.... they do not have kachoris with normal Alu ki sabzi. A must try after the temple visit in the middle of the  forest.

Grey Patridge

Sariska is a nice place to visit... we saw plenty of spotted deer, Sambhar deer, Neelgais, Wild Boars and so many variety of birds... and yes if you visit from Delhi you can stop once in Highway King for a plate of Kulfi Faluda  and Rabri as  is recommended by the show Highway on my Plate...it won,t let you down for sure.