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Friday, 24 April 2015


She rechecked her facebook status. Likes were pouring in, not bad but she wouldn,t mind more, the new hair cut , the massage in the parlour, her face glowed in the photograph. Yes the weight showed, how much she hated it, though camouflaged by the floral print of her dress yet she could notice the bulge in her tummy, her chubby cheeks, fleshy arms. Damn....could i be ever like them, she tapped her smartphone checking profiles of her colleagues, their photographs. Won,t they ever get fat...

They looked gorgeous, she stared with envy while dissecting each minute details of their outfit, accessories and then thoroughly studying her own. I am myself  the usual line she repeated as always keeping her smartphone away. She tossed with the entertainment section of the newspaper... how to lose weight, how to carry off short dresses.... can the entire world lose weight...she pushed away the newspaper in exasperation and grabbed the more evil of the two..her smart phone.

She was going through the same cycle, whats app, facebook and anxiously checking the number of likes in the album she has uploaded. Likes do not matter...isn,t it silly... then why is it necessary to check and recheck... it isn,t absolutely  still she was doing it frantically. Was it like her uploading pictures and hankering for likes and comments... wasn,t she different...

Well... it has been long since she has last read a book though she prided herself on being a voracious reader...though she has family and kids and a job still she could find enough time for her passion until... this small device invaded her life. Yes laptop and internet took a significant amount of her time yet she was ' herself'. Since this little bomb of a device which can dance between her fingers, take excellent selfies and pictures which can be uploaded within minutes ,had taken over her life all she did was press with her thumb and forget books she hardly could move to the second page of the newspaper.

Wow looking great... She jerked upright at the notification of new comment in her little device, her face breaking into a big smile looking at the number of likes.

Time to upload a new profile pic!!!