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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Lunch at Karim,s

It was the day i would remember most..cold, foggy...one of the coldest days in January...when there was this sudden plan to have lunch at Karim,s. Some think alike foodies got together and this long drive from Gurgaon to Chandni Chowk ( of course Metro would have been the best...but with a NRI friend of friends who had an international flight to catch at night, guess it was ok). 

Well the place with its histories and the fables of old Delhi woven around  and the slight drizzle in cold January afternoon the setting was near perfect as we entered Karim,s.  Our friend who had to catch a flight...it seemed was nostalgic about the place and he said all he wanted to eat was Rumaali Roti and Mutton Korma and had this immense desire to pack a plate of Korma for his wife back in Boston ( which he eventually did not of course!!!). Looking at him... i just had the feeling it was some lost moments and a bit of his past he was digging into while tearing his rumaali forcefully and dipping into the Korma.

For the rest of us...we were spoilt for choice. We began with sumptuous helping of kebabs... seekh and burra kebabas. The burra  kebabs were excellently done most probably the best i ever had...each equally succulent and juicy, seekh kebabs were a delight too but still there are some places where one can have good seekh kebabs if not as good. So.. with all foodies giving a hoot for weight and health..another round was ordered.

 For the main course we settled for naan and mutton korma  ( which was obvious enough).. chicken shehjahani was not available.. i think it was over by the time we reached...the chicken dish we ordered simply faded away in front of the exuberant korma which we had to reorder. Greased with abundant ghee and we had it loaded with abundant guilt !! My group of friend foodies who would stop at nothing also ordered a Shreemal ( sweet Roti) which was quite drab and ended with Phirni which was also disappointing..but after the gastronomical delights of kebabs and kormas and the ordeal suffered by the gastronomical system guess it was a boon in disguise.

The day winded up beautifully after being loaded with heaps of chicken, mutton and ghee.. and more packed for home...and with a promise to work out from tomorrow...a promise which hardly sees the light of the day !!