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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Preface

Dear Ninni

Before you would begin to read this.. I would have to write a long briefing.. well briefings cant be long..pardon my ATC lingo which would time and again pop in my letters..how I came upon this idea..well I am somehow reminded of a mushy rom com which I,m sure I,d mention to u as u grow older..like my ma remarks to the songs and movies of her times..U know in ' Kuch Kuch Hota Hain' the mom leaves a series of letters for her daughter.. well a poor example..but since this is a confession time. . I loved the movie and still if it comes on television ,cannot swap the remote channels instantly..:) Anyway what prompted me to write..your mother has this habit of writing..but no not the me-myself  type writings and not the worldly writings as well..may be you would decide when u read these if u do.. Yes I was coming to why I came upon this idea..actually of late I have been reading lots of so called 'Mommy Blogs' where mummies post the pictures of their darlings and post updates of all the milestones..I was reading and thinking why didn,t 
i do such thing.. yes it can get boring at times..but nonetheless something for u to read by your ma..and to team it up with lovely pics...U know I first scribbled a few lines when I first saw you..where.. in the Ultra Sound lab of a private clinic in Delhi.. I was doing ' night shift' working as ' Alpha' (assistants are called alphas)..when I scribbled some lines.. at the surprise and emotion of seeing u for the first time..( will go and search for the pages of the office writing pad once in Delhi..but fat chance I,m going to find it.. you will know ur mother gradually)..Well that was the preface..if u would love to read ,[am saying ' if' because ur father does not love to read.. and gets more irritated because I say that he doesn,t :( .].u will read this and the other following blogs..
Let us say we would know, get to know each other, discover each other through these blogs..All between you and me..